Tricks in Passing Jamb and Post UME CBT; High Scores


There have being a flock of searches on the net recently by Nigerian students on how to pass jamb CBT and also passing it with an high score because of it just being introduced.

There are so many ways by which a Jamb CBT Candidate can pass his Jamb successfully without much stress and with an high score. SOme helpful tips on passing Jamb CBT are explained below

Be Prepared:

CBT Jamb is not an ordinary exam neither is it a local school exam but a well recognized exam by all Nigerian Universities. So, if a Jamb candidate and University Aspirant is to pass  Jamb CBT he must be prepared. This preparation on How to pass Jamb CBT must be done diligently i.e. reading all books available to you, having a coach and most especially attempting previous Jamb questions. Also, Jamb it self has released a demo of the CBT that would be used in the course of the exam so Jamb CBT candidates are therefore advised to go through this test thoroughly. E-testpedia also offers such a CBT platform to help candidates ans university aspirants through their JAMB (and POST UTME) CBT Examinations

Be Confident:

Please Do not downgrade yourself by being scared or having a doubt of passing Jamb CBT because Jamb is like every other exam and since you have passed previous exams you can also pass Jamb successfully and most especially with the help of your God you should pass your Jamb successfully and with an high score. Also, try as much as possible to be patient with your system and not tampering with it.

Remembering / Memorizing key Ideas and Formula:

This goes mainly to the Science students. In passing Jamb CBT, you must be vast in formulas and this sometimes might need you cramming formulas into the Jamb hall but this depends on your individual ability and how knowledgeable you are. But if in case whereby you have to learn a formula make sure you learn the correct one and not the wrong and misleading one and also be very careful in applying them. Understand the structure of paper: Make sure you understand the structure of papers you taking in Jamb so as to have the best knowledge on how to allocate your resources towards them. For example you are meant to allocate more time to English than any other subjects because you are meant to answer more questions in English than any other subject. Also, you should go through the demo well so as to have the perfect understanding of the paper.

TIME your paper:

This is the most important aspect in passing Jamb CBT. As economists will say, “resources are relatively scarce to their demand” so also is TIME scarce in the Jamb hall especially in the case of CBT because you being timed by the computer and when your time has been elapsed IT IS FINISHED. Passing Jamb CBT really needs you to allocate your time well and in doing this, you are advised to do those subjects that would gain you time first before going on to the time consuming one but this depends solely on your ability and combinations in Jamb.

Finally, I would admonish you to pray well before the exam date and before you start the exam and also not to try to cheat in the course of the Jamb exam because you would be going against both God and man’s will and you sinning against both parties will affect you sooner than you expect because it is either you are caught or God himself catches you and refuse to listen to your pleas and which would make you end up wasting an additional year at home.

Also, do not press or click anything without the consent of the computer engineering so as no to jeopardize your admission into the University of your choice. But if you wish to still continue with cheating, remember God sees everything and he will surely see you and go against you. So, I admonish every Jamb CBT Candidates, University Admission Seekers and Aspirants to be CAREFUL!!! and also wishing all Jamb CBT candidates Best of Luck in their JAMB.


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