TOP TEN Premier League earners: Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal stars among highest


With a new TV deal coming in to action next year, the Premier League is set to become richer than ever.

However, it is pretty rich already, as proven by the astronomical wages of some of its biggest stars. Chelsea and Manchester City are both paying multiple players more than £150,000-a-week, and that doesn’t take in to account certain bonuses.

 However, the fact that it is only the duo, plus Arsenal and Manchester United, who have players in the top ten shows the widening gap between the top four and the rest of the division. Even Liverpool, who are one of the most supported sides on the planet, don’t seem able to compete with the teams who are regularly playing Champions League football in recent years.

Here are the top ten earners in English football according to the Daily Mail, which perhaps show how well teams like Burnley and AFC Bournemouth have done to compete with them in recent years.

10) John Terry, Chelsea, £160,000-a-week

9) Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City, £170,000-a-week

8) Cesc Fabregas, Chelsea, £170,000-a-week

7) Raheem Sterling, Manchester City, £180,000-a-week

6) Mesut Ozil, Arsenal, £190,000-a-week

5) David Silva, Manchester City, £200,000-a-week

4) Eden Hazard, Chelsea, £220,000-a-week

2) Yaya Toure, Manchester City, £240,000-a-week

2) Sergio Aguero, Manchester City, £240,000-a-week

1) Wayne Rooney, Manchester United, £260,000-a-week


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