The dangers of waist trainers


People will try just about anything these days to get in shape, whether it’s good for you or not. But a new trend among celebrities is causing some concern among fitness experts.

But is it the best way to lose inches?

“All it really does is compresses the fat and squishes it in, but as soon as you take it off it comes right back,” says Becky Fox of Fox Fitness, who adds the truth is, it’s just a quick fix.

“They might work temporarily, they might work for a week, they might work for a month, but in the long run you’re just going to end up right back where you were even if you get some results short term, in the long term, it’s not going to give you the results that you want.”

So can these be dangerous?

“Oh, absolutely dangerous. So if you think about it, when you’re wearing something like that, you’re scrunching not just your stomach, but you’re scrunching your organs so think like your digestive track, your intestines and everything so it can certainly effect your digestion,” says Fox.

We found dozens and dozens of videos on YouTube of people using waist trainers. Many seem to suggest they work and people love them, although it seems some are paid spokespersons. And when you see how cinched some of these women’s waists are, you understand why Fox says they also make it difficult to breath.

“People have even passed out from wearing these things because you can’t get the oxygen into your system and really take a deep breath, so if you think about that constant tension that you’re putting on your organs, it can be very harmful and very dangerous in the long run.”

Carol Toffolon trains with Fox. She’s heard about waist trainers, but says she wouldn’t trade her early morning workout for one.

“I’m not a big fan of those type of products, I personally enjoy working out to get results and take care of my body so I would not be an advocate and would not purchase one.”

While it may look easier to just put on a corset, to really lose the inches, Fox says you have to do it right.

“You gotta work out, you gotta eat healthy, cut out the sugar, get more vegetables, get your proteins, all that sort of thing, live a healthy lifestyle. Get more sleep, drink enough water and you’re going to look better and you’re going to feel better.”

We all know your core is an important part of your workout routine. Fox says the waist trainer actually keeps you from using your core muscles.

“If you’re using this to work out, you’re going to reduce the amount of strength you have in your stomach and reduce muscle tone in your stomach. If you are working out with it you’re likely going to be working at a lower intensity, so you’re not even going to get the results you want from your workouts. You can’t work out as hard, you can’t move as easily and as we mentioned, it’s harder to breath.” (

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