“Sle.pt with my boyfriend’s brother and Dad” – Girl


My boyfriend is loving and fit and he’s brilliant in bed.
I doubt he would love me as much if he knew that I’d slept with his brother and then I had s. ex with his dad.
I’m 23 and I work for an insurance broker. I look prim at work but there’s really a wild girl inside. Se .x is a really big thing in my life but I’ve always struggled with relationships. I get bored with most guys pretty quickly.
Then I met my boyfriend and he’s something else. He’s 25 and a builder. He’s gorgeous, brilliant to talk to and fit in the bedroom as well. He knows just what to do to keep the s. ex fizzing and hot.
Then I met his brother.
It was at a friend’s party and the alcohol was flowing fast. He’s two years older than my boyfriend and looks a lot like him, just a little bit taller and wider.
My boyfriend got bored and went home. He left me behind with his bro.
We were soon flir.. ting like mad and I wondered if he was a god in the bedroom as well. Only one way to find out!

I led him upstairs and we found somewhere quiet. We were at it like rabbits as soon as we fell on the bed.
It was only a quickie but he was up there with the best that I’ve had. As soon as we’d finished the guilt hit me hard.
I said we were drunk and that it never should have happened. He agreed and we left it at that. I put it out of my mind.
Then I met his dad.
He’s 52 and a widower. He looks like his sons. As soon as I saw him I couldn’t help wondering maybe it wasn’t just the blue smiley eyes that this family shared. I wanted to try him in bed.

My boyfriend took me to visit his dad for his birthday. We went out for a meal and then we went back to his house for a drink. By the end of the night I was aching for him.
My boyfriend had had a bit too much to drink and went off to bed. I stayed downstairs with his dad.
In the end he picked up on my hints and I got what I wanted at last. Yes, it was awesome but so was the guilt that came next. I made my excuses and joined my boyfriend in bed. We kissed and he said that he loved me.
My boyfriend is really the man of my dreams. I know that I’ll love him forever but I’m scared he’ll find out what I did. And I’m worried that I’ll be unfaithful again.

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