Reasons Why Some Christians Don’t Receive Answers To Their Prayers


You might be praying to God for something very essential, might be a job, admission, finances, marriage, fruit of the womb but you don’t receive speedily answers and at times you pray for years and it still doesn’t work out. Relax there are skeletons in the cupboard you need to fish out that is withholding answers to your prayers.

Listen attentively.

Your Life Of Sin – yeah its your life of sin that is witholding your prayer request and God does not hear. You might still be living in immorality, lies, jealousy, covetousness, gossip etc. And you go and kneel down and pray but sorry the prayer cant pass the ceiling.

Isaiah 1 vs 15 -When you spread your hands, I will hide my eyes from you, and when you make many prayers i will not hear because your hands are full of blood. And also in John 9 v 31 says that God hears not sinners but if any man be a worshipper of God and does His will, God hears. So its your sin that seperate God from you so He wont hear your prayers.

Lack of Patience – the Lord Jesus told us to keep on praying and not faint.(luke 18 vs1) this is another reason why people dont receive answers. God’s timetable is not like man’s own, He needs you to be patient and not rushing Him up. So be patient always whenever you ask God of a request.

Selfish Lust Desires – in the book of james chapter 4 vs 3 says that you pray and ask but you do not recieve because you ask amiss so that you may consume it upon your lust, oh well you ask God of big things that you schedule so that as soon as you receive it, you use it to flex around with the desires of the flesh. God knows your heart and wont give it to you till you repent.

Not Abiding With The Lord – yeah the word of God says in John 15 vs 7- if you abide in me and My words abide in you, you will ask what you want and it shall be done to you.

Have you been praying to God and ask Him of something important? Always abide by praying continually and going to church, study His Word, obey His commandments and praise Him daily and abide continually and you will receive answers to your prayers.

Lack Of Faith and Forgiveness – in mark 11 vs 22 the Lord taught us to have faith in God for whatever you desire when you pray, believe that you receive them shall have them and also forgive so that God may forgive and answer.

These are the reasons you dont receive answers. And you keep on praying but no hope. Obey this steps and receive final answers to your prayers.

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