Practise What You Preach!!! Patoranking Blasted On Instagram For Ignoring Those Who Helped Him


I know you all must have heard the new song Patoranking released recently… It’s titled “Make am.” In it he preached about not forgetting one’s helper and also being good to the downtrodden because there’s no one who can’t make it.

Well it turns out that Patoranking is the proverbial preacher who doesn’t practice what he preaches.

A guy claiming to have helped Patoranking in the past is telling him he is an ingrate not worthy of preaching to people about not forgetting their helper.

Patoranking got the memo, and while he didn’t deny the fact that the guy was instrumental to his rise to fame, he wants him to keep is mouth shut about the help he rendered.. Thats not so Cool pato.

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