Jose Mourinho Challenges Roman Abramovich


Dailymail made us to believe that Sir Alex Ferguson believes Jose Mourinho was sending an indirect message to owner Roman Abramovich when he spoke for seven straight minutes after his side’s defeat by Southampton.

Mourinho said the club would have to sack him if he was to leave his role as Chelsea boss as he was not going to ‘run away from his responsibilities’.

And Ferguson, who has backed his former managerial rival, insists Mourinho decided to launch an incredible rant in order to ask Abramovich and the rest of Chelsea’s top brass for support.
Ferguson, speaking to American show Morning Joe, said of Mourinho and Chelsea’s recent poor form: ‘I think that Jose’s press conference the other day was challenging the owner to support him in a bad time.

‘At times you maybe don’t think you’re getting complete support from everyone, but it happens. It’s not always correct, and I don’t think it’s correct what Jose’s thinking at the moment – I think he’s got the support.

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