How A Full Time Stay- Home-Mom Should Live

How A Full Time Stay-
Home-Mom Should Live


The job of a full time stay-home-mom
can be very tedious, monotonous and
boring. However, this does not mean
that your life should remain this way.
Your life doesn’t have to be day after
day of wearing same kind of clothes and
repeating the same routine; you can
spice up your life and have interesting
moments that you’d love every minute
Here are some tips to make that
Build on your Passion
Sometimes, women tend to forget their
passion when they get married because
they feel the need to make their family a
priority and feel that every other thing
can wait. Well the truth is – this is a
typical motherly nature to always put
the family first over any dream, talent or
passion. However the truth is you are
not going to spend the whole of your
day cooking, running errands or cleaning
the house. Take out some time to build
on that passion you once had as a
youth. Your passion can be fashion
designing, writing, painting or what not!
The idea is just to make sure you are
doing something with your passion.
Keep in Touch with Friends
I know a lot of women who bid their
families and friends good bye because
they are now married and have loads of
responsibilities and chores. No matter
how pre occupied you may be, you need
your friends at every stage of life,
including when you’re a stay-home
mom. They’re especially vital then
because you don’t have as much adult
interaction as when you’re working
outside the home. If you don’t really
have a lot of friends, it’s never too late
to make new ones. Introduce yourself to
other moms at the park or at school.
You never know, one of them could
become a lifelong friend and you guys
can do a lot of exciting things together.
Don’t Dwell Indoors all the Time
One great way to get you and your
children out of the house is to sign
them up for some activities. Soccer
moms rarely ever feel bored; how can
they? When they’re busy watching their
little ones score? Ask your children what
activities they’d enjoy and get them
started. If they’re too young to express
their interest in activities, enroll them in
one you think they’d like. You can
always switch them to something
different later.
Personal Time
That you spend all day at home doesn’t
mean you automatically get yourself
some personal time especially when
your children are very little, you rarely
ever get alone time. Arrange to go out
alone on occasion or ask your nanny to
take your children to the park or for a
walk. You need to have a trusted
nanny. Ask your network of friends and
family for references to nannies,
babysitters, and day-care centres.
Create a list of criteria that are
important and then schedule time to
interview qualified childcare providers or
to tour local day-cares. When you find
one, you can have your personal time or
go out to the gym to get your body
Don’t Neglect your Relationship
Your relationship will always need time
and attention if you want it to flourish
and grow. This is especially true during
the parenting years when it’s very easy
for your relationship to get shoved
under the bed. Be intentional about
investing in your relationship. Plan dates
and special outings to enjoy together. A
healthy relationship with your partner is
part of having a full life.
Register for an Online Course
You may think that you have no time or
finances at all for education, but not to
worry, there are many free online
platforms where you can gain some
knowledge. You can never be too old to
learn more. The good thing about these
online courses is that they are very
flexible and won’t take so much of your
attention away from your family.
Do you have some other suggestions on
how a full time stay home mom should
live her life? Please do not hesitate to
share with us in the comment box

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