Hmm!!! Ja Rule Wishes 50 Cent ‘Good Luck’ on His Bankruptcy



If you’re keeping score, 50 Cent has more beef then a little bit, and his Ja Rule rift is the oldest on the list.

Rule took a second to speak about Fif in a recent Hip Hop DX interview promoting his MTV reality show,Follow the Rules.

During the Q&A, Rule was asked about Fif’s bankruptcy. The 39-year-old rapper once again declared an end to a battle that dates back well over a decade. “I don’t care about that man,” he said. “Good luck to that man. I hope he finds himself in a situation where he feels more comfortable. I don’t really give a f**k. Honestly, I don’t. I can care less, yo.”

The complicated drama between these two has been more subdued over the years. In 2011, Rule officially ended their disagreement, but Fif didn’t officially agree to a ceasefire.

Things seemingly reignited over the summer when Rule differentiated their beef from that of Drake and Meek Mill, which of course elicited a reaction from the G-Unit front man.

Meanwhile, Fif hasn’t said anything regarding Rule’s latest comments. He’s been busy going at it with Rick Ross and Vivica Fox.

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