Guidelines of Dating Responsibly (INSIGHT)

date responsibly

Are you dating responsibly?

Have you been dating responsibly? Sure heartbreak happens to everyone, but there’s ways to increase your happiness and have your needs met with dating.

It’s important to date with your head and your heart. But how do you go about doing that?

From recognizing what makes you happy to being open about your feelings (and encouraging him to do the same), these are remarkable things you need to keep in mind to find love.

“The more responsibility you take for your own happiness, the more probable it is that what you seek will indeed come into fruition. Whatever your past or present, it’s important to focus on your future.” – Kevin Carr

Ready for happiness? Here’s how to be a better dater..

Start Immediately

Okay good people this is the part where you take all you old dating habits and immediately throw them in the garbage.  Start making better decisions when dating, and about whom you’re choosing to date.  Ask yourself, “Does this person add to my happiness?”  If your answer is no, then why are you dating them.

Accept Responsibility

If you are not happy, it’s ultimately on you, so accept responsibility for your happiness. Understand that your happiness is your responsibility.

Realize What’s At Stake

Your happiness is up for grabs when dating, so be intentional about who you share your time with.  There should be no “it just happened”, either make it happen or don’t allow it to happen.

Know Yourself

Sometimes it’s not about who you’re dating, but about who you are.  Get to know you, before attempting to get to know others.  You can’t expect someone to make you happy, when you don’t know how to make yourself happy.

Recognize Common Interests

It’s not about liking the same types of things; it’s about enjoying similar interest.  Recognize who does and doesn’t share common interest in things that make you happy. However, I must repeat,” you can’t expect someone to make you happy, when you don’t know how to make yourself happy”.

Lay Down the Law

Set standards for your expectations. And more important than setting the standards is maintaining them.  If your standards are not able to be maintained, then you might want to consider setting new ones or crossing them off your list.

Be Aware of Your Relationship Surroundings

Knowing where you and the person you’re dating are located on your life’s journey can prevent you from going further than necessary together. Especially, if you realize that you’re not heading in the same direction.

Don’t Ignore Their Value System (Or Yours)

He thinks its okay to have a shared bank account while dating, he thinks shared bank is reserved for marriage. I think you might want to reconsider whether or not you share the same morals and values as the person you’re dating.  You’re bound to run into problems at some point if your values and morals don’t align.

Hold Them Accountable

Let me revert back to #6, set standards, then MAINTAIN YOUR STANDARDS.

Watch Out for Those Red Flags

Actions speak louder than words, so if they show you something you’d consider a red flag believe them and act accordingly.  Don’t let these actions linger into a point of “it just happened”; remember you are in control of your happiness.

Keep it Real With Each Other

Stop playing games with the opposite x!  Be honest and open, and encourage them to will do the same (and if they aren’t falling in line don’t fall for them).

Seek and Require Clarity

You can’t control your happiness if you don’t know where the other person stands.  Ask difficult questions, and have uncomfortable conversations. Keep in mind clarity is the best way for the head and heart to work together.

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