Body Parts Your Hands should Never Touch


Body Parts Your Hands should Never Touch

It’s Amazing right? Imagine, you are getting unbelievable restriction from touching your own body parts. It looks like punishment right? Health issues are very critical and getting a hundred percent cleanliness is not easy at all. But one needs to be very careful because your health is your wealth. I believe you agree with that.

Check out the following paragraphs below and see Body parts your hand should never touch:

The Face: You are not meant to touch your face with your hands for no reason except when you want to wash your face. According to Dermatologists your fingers contain oil that clog your pores when you bring them to your face. This pave way for easy germ transmission. This being most reason pimples, wrinkles, eczema and other skin infections are seen on the face. Hope you connect? Yea.

The Ear Canal: Are you aware that introducing any object into the ear canal can tear the thin skin lines that line the ear canal? Thus, you would be doing harm to your hearing abilities dipping your fingers into your ears. It might even make one go deaf. Please avoid this okay.

The Eyes: Very delicate. The danger here can’t be overemphasized. And you would agree with me that every matured individual in his right state of mind knows that touching the eyes could lead to early blindness. Even scratching the eyes with our hands is very dangerous ( I am guilty of this). That moment when little stuffs enter your eyes by mistake and you are calling on someone to help you breeze it. Lol you are feeling guilty already; Lol! It’s not really easy to avoid touch the eyes, but we need to try our best. You feel it right? Okay. Next one.

The Mouth: Very True, we should never touch our mouth for no reason at all. Only tooth brush and tooth paste outside food and water we eat are allowed to go in there. Putting your hands in your mouth is the same thing as eating dirt, yes dirt. That means, feeding on dirt; Lol. You know what this could lead to. It might be liking to poisoning ourselves if we do this act. Avoid touching your mouth with your hands and live healthy. Insightful right? Okay, on to the next one.

The Nostrils: This, aside being unhealthy, looks disgusting to me don’t know about you. Or what do you think? Nose pickers or those who dig for gold in their nose are more likely to have Staphylococcus aureus bacteria in their nostrils (insides of the nose) than those who didn’t pick them. Please avoid this.

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