America Has Released The Names of Big Thieves to Buhari

America Has Released The Names of Big Thieves to Buhari

Contrary to counter claims in some quarters that the US government was in possession of documents indicting top aides of Goodluck Jonathan, indications have emerged that President Muhammadu Buhari has, in fact, been handed shocking documents relating to monumental stealing of ministers and others.

It was learnt that the intervention of some individuals, including some African leaders, tended to suggest to Buhari that he needed to give his predecessor soft landing; and indeed, the President had agreed but on the condition that the aides and ministers who looted the treasury must return the funds.

It was with a view to avoiding what a very credible source described as a public embarrassment for the former leader, that Jonathan visited Buhari earlier in the month to beg for his understanding.

“The President advised Jonathan to prevail on his aides and ministers to return all the money they looted to enable him have access to funds with which to restructure and develop Nigeria for the good of everybody. But President Buhari became angry when Jonathan’s men became adamant.”

“Most of Jonathan’s men would have been arrested by now, but the President was being mindful of the nation’s democracy and, therefore, decided to pursue the matter in a civil manner.

In fact, it was for this reason that the National Economic Council, NEC, decided to set up a special committee to ascertain the areas concerned and deal with it,” a presidency source told Vanguard.

It was due to the documents exposing stealings that Buhari recently urge lawyers not to cover corrupt men.

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