5 Worst Fights Couples Usually Have

Couple not talking after a fight on the sofa in living room at home

Couple not talking after a fight on the sofa in living room at home

As a married man or woman, what is the worst fight you’ve ever had with your spouse? Therapists would say it’s okay to have healthy fights with your spouse but how do you know if you’ve crossed the line?

These types of arguments if not handled properly could destroy a relationship. There are certain ways such conflicts can be resolved between you and your spouse without letting it get out of hand.

According to Bustle.com, here are 7 worst fights a couple can have:

  1. Money fights:Just as the title implies, money has lead couples to mistrust each other and eventually split. When one partner finds out that they were cheated financially by their spouse, there’s an immediate feeling of betrayal and anger which may cause a big first when confrontation ensues. Couples in this type of situation can resolve their issues by talking about it. Fight if you know it would bring better understanding in the end but there’s nothing as solid as honesty.
  2. Calling each other names:This is not just immature, it is degrading for any couple who have tried it. This type of fight is seldom forgotten due to nasty words used by spouses and toally violates what marriage stands for. Couples should learn to apologise immediately when faced with this kind of situation.
  3. Fighting over ‘love making’:Like number two, this fight is a no-brainer. If there’s an issue in your ‘love making life’, addressing the issue with compassion would solve your problems faster than screaming at each other.
  4. Partner’s family fight:Issues like this are bound to come up in marriages. Constant arguments about your spouse’s family could build up resentment and you both come from different backgrounds. The best thing in such scenario is to wash your hands off their matter and only input when you are told to do so.
  5. Fights over house chores:This kind of fight could be very frustrating especially when one spouse is trying to wield control over the other. FInding a common ground could work for both couples and the inner control freak doesn’t have to rear it’s ugly head every time.


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