5 Signs EME Has Stalled Since Wizkid Left


Once a time, Empire Mates Entertainment( EME), was the hottest record label in Africa Nigeria until a certain man named Wizkid decided to change tent, since then, the record label has been widely known simply as “ Wizkid’s former label”. You can’t blame Wizkid for wanting to leave the label, the deal he signed wasn’t favorable for him financially and since he was the bread winner of the team, you would expect he has some sort of deal that makes him a big deal but that wasn’t the case. What you can blame EME for is not retaining Skales. After all, before Wizkidleft for good, he had tried to leave severally with the Banky W led label using legal power to hold him down. Wizkid finally bid farewell with his sophomore album, Ayo. EME’s case is that of a man that failed to retain his side chick despite his main girl wanting out. PeoplesGist reveals 5 signs that EME has failed to make any progress since Wizzy departed.


Banky W has lost his focus Banky W was so focused on EME when Wizkid was around that you begin to wonder how he is able to sustain his own career as well as Wizkid’s. However since Wizkid left, Banky Whas started looking out for himself (alone) as he needed to make money for himself since that Wizkid stream has stopped. Mr. Capable has tried his hands (mainly) on cinematography since that time and other ventures including MC-ing, rapping and organizing events. The label has suffered largely while he focused on other things.


Niyola and Shaydee have shown little work ethic

With their boss, Banky W looking out for himself and his bank ccount, Niyola and Shaydee haven’t shown 1/20th of the work Wizkid put in when he was in EME.

Wizkid put out new songs every 3 weeks when he was around while Skales did one per month. While you wouldn’t expect everyone to have the same work ethic, Shaydee and Niyola have released 3 songs in the entire year, lesser than Wizkid released in January alone while Skales released an album in the same year.

You begin to wonder how EME expects itself to remain the hottest label in the country when its artiste aren’t releasing music.


DJ Xclusive became the remedy. You know something is wrong at a record label when a DJ is the best thing happening at that record label. It is unknown what the details of DJ Xclusive and EMEis, but it is widely believed the DJ is funding his projects himself. There is no way EMEwould have funded 10 music videos for the DJ. Even Wizkid didn’t get up to 5. While DJ Xclusive, who is said to be from a rich home, fought for his career, Banky W, Shaydee and Niyola continued to enjoy their siesta while other artistes, labels forged on.


Lack of new additions. Anywhere in the world, when the two biggest acts in a label depart, it’s either there is a heir or a new singing(s) arrives. EME didn’t sign anyone to to label or promote any one of Shaydee and Niyola as the face of the label while Banky Wlooked like a man that has lost interest. What the plan of EMEis right now is unknown, but the video for Shaydee’s Carry Big Load is a low budget one and that describes the state of EME. To be fair to EME, it was always going to be hard to remain strong.


No contingency plans The way EMEmanaged the departure of Wizkidis a little disappointing. You would expect Banky Wto be the man to hold the label strong while Shaydee& Niyolaget themselves together but that wasn’t the case. The truth is DJ Xclusive is the best thing to happen to EMEthis year. You would expect Banky Wseason to resume fully next year after hisubparsingle High Notes, if that is enough to put EME back as the hottest label is left to be seen. But it ha been a poor year for the label that once housed Skales and Wizkid and it is their fault.

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